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Hand block printing process

Block Carving
All of our products are hand block printed in 100% cotton fabrics. Skilled craftsmen use carved blocks to stamp the fabric by hand. The process is lengthy and complex.

The blocks are made of seasoned teak wood. When the blocks are perfectly smooth and flat the design is traced onto the wood. The design is hand carved by a skilled artisan. A separate block is needed for each color of the design.
Color Making
The color master will mix the color making sure to get the right shade and right viscosity appropriate for the block to be used.
Block Printing
The wooden blocks are dipped in dye and imprinted on the fabric. This process is repeated for every color of the design. Block printing is a slow process and the block printer must take great care to fit each section of the design in exactly the right position to match up the print.

The Dreamer

Petite Namaste was established in 2013 with the goal of creating beautiful hand block printed products for kids. Co-founder and Creative Director, Yanira Colon, worked in the New York fashion industry until 2010.

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